Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mini Vacation-Cincy

We decided again to stay close to home for a little vacation. While I really, really, need to get to a beach, and quick, it just did not play into the cards for this summer. If anyone finds themselves at a beach in the next few weeks, please stand at the water's edge, take a really deep breath as the water hits your feet and send me some of that smell, feel, and calm. I need it!
Ok, so we went to Cincinnati and decided to go to King's Island and then either to the zoo or the Children's Museum (the decision is being made by T and the kids as I type this). The first night involved eating at Big Boy and some time in the hotel pool.

After the hotel pool the kids were happy as clams in front of the TV until bedtime. Doesn't take much to make my kids happy. Not sure why I try so hard. We got up early and headed over to King's Island.

While there we road the rides, ate yummy LaRosa's Pizza in the Festhause and got our faces painted.
On a final note, TPG has had a huge last few days. In just a few short days, he has figured out how to ride his bicycle with no training wheels, figured out how to swim the length of a pool without drowning and today he rode on a ton of the real roller coasters with NO fear. His favorite was the Beast. I am in complete shock that he has gotten so big. I am a little afraid of what comes next-armpit hair??? But, you know, he still loves his mom and did not mind holding my hand as we went down the really big hills of the coasters. I think he may just turn out ok after all.


foxtwin said...

Now *that's* a vacation! Being with family and growing close together. And you got some rides. Sounds perfect.

I'll be at a beach next week and I'll try and bring back some foamy waves for ya.

Betina said...

Great post, Julie. Made me a little weepy reading about Thomas. Children's Museum or no? Poor Trevor is all I am saying.

Bits of Silver said...

That is one awesome face painting on Thomas! Of course he is going to be ok - he has GREAT genes and wonderful parents! Glad you guys are having so much fun! Big hugs!